EIB mulls undisclosed commitment to Denham Capital fund


The European Investment Bank is evaluating the possibility of making a commitment to Denham Capital‘s International Power Fund which targets opportunities in energy and renewable energy generation projects in Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. As yet, the size of the potential commitment remains undisclosed.

The Denham International Power Fund’s strategy will be to invest in projects via five to eight platforms, backing experienced project developers and management teams who have strong knowledge of the markets in which they operate. As part of the fund’s investment process, most of the large greenfield power projects which they might consider investing in will require a full environmental and social impact assessment. The fund is developing, with the Bank’s assistance, a fully-fledged environmental and social management system.

Since its founding in 2004, Houston-headquartered Denham Capital has raised nine institutional funds totaling approximately $9 billion in committed capital. The firm backs opportunities in three sub sectors; international power, mining and oil and gas.




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